About Hot Lather Productions LLC

Hot Lather Productions LLC is the creative development team of Trish Sgro and Tom Loveman.  Hot Lather Productions seeks to make entertaining programs and movies that fill a need in under served markets as well as bring originality to an industry that has rehashed everything ad nausea. 

Trish Sgro has been an entrepreneur and international business professional for over 20 years.  She always has an eye and ear to what's going on in the community and the industry. From the reality around her, and her international travels, she is inspired to conceive and write the fantastic stories and characters that appear in Hot Lather Production's shows and films. Driven by her love for Ohio and belief in the capabilities of her community, she is determined to do her part to build a film industry in Cleveland and, through her network, she continues to promote the Motion Picture Tax Incentive for the State of Ohio

Tom Loveman's background includes nearly every manner of advertising and marketing and he operates his own video production and interactive marketing company. His continual effort to be on the leading edge of technology and its application to the creative arts, as well as his obsession with television and film, lead him to produce his first short in 2003 with Autumn Haze Pictures, which went on to win a silver Telly Award. 

The Cleveland Connection

Hot Lather Productions LLC is based in Cleveland and leverages the many very talented people who call Cleveland their home. "Julio," Hot Lather's first production, is being produced entirely with actors and crew from around Cleveland.   From casting to catering, Hot Lather Productions LLC's goal is to show how TV and film production can provide opportunities and support individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry in Northeast Ohio. 

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