HLP participates in 2011 Cleveland 48 Hour Film Festival

August 11, 2011 — Hot Lather principals Trish Sgro and Tom Loveman teamed with Peter Balint's B-Media for the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Festival contest in July as director and production manager respectively.  Julio alumni actors Mike Goulis (superintendent), Melanie Hauer (Mrs. Pop) and Patty Valestin (Desdemona Taylor) were featured while Julio DP Richard Walsh and Creative Director Joe Sgro brought their technical and visual expertise to the team. Read more and watch the film:

The B-Media drew "Superhero" as their genre with which the writing team (Tom Tennant, Phil Rein, Peter Balint) created a mash-up of X-men and The Breakfast Club in a thoughtful, yet funny, and action-packed script titled "Super to the Heroes." The story follows three young superheros, Jewel (Samantha Berencsi), The Aviator (Lloyd Weema) and Speed Freak (Daniel Schumacher), attending CAGE, The Cleveland Academy for the Genetically Enhanced, and their indifference to a lowly "normal" superintendent at the school. Things turn deadly when The Tormentor (Kenny Santiago Marrero) attacks the school and the young so-called heroes run for their lives. Who will save them!

Notre Dame College in South Euclid, OH became the campus of CAGE, providing the perfect locations for the script.  A  cast and crew of 25 worked on the project. The ambitious project fell victim to time as the rendering of the complex editing and visual effects pushed the film beyond the 48 hour deadline to compete for judged categories. The film, although, was completed in time to be included in the festival screenings held at Cleveland Cinemas' Cedar Lee Theater August 3rd & 4th. This allowed "Super to the Heros"to received an Audience Choice Award nomination for its screening group.